Information for Prospective HSNKL Board Members

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A brief history of hospice in Kaslo

In March 1995 Kaslo and Area Hospice (KAH), was created. enquiries. KAH was loosely affiliated with Nelson and District Hospice Society (NDHS) but retained its own bank account and treasurer within its Advisory Committee.

In September 1999, at NDHS’s insistence, KAH formally joined that society as a satellite program, alongside Salmo Hospice and East Shore Hospice (Salmo broke away after a couple of years). An Advisory Committee member from KAH became a board director of NDHS to represent the interests of the Kaslo and area program.

Early in 2000, the idea arose to create a designated palliative care room in Kaslo’s Victorian Hospital. Interior Health suggested using the decommissioned operating room at the Victorian Hospital of Kaslo. KAH raised a total of $55,000. The Palliative Care room held its grand opening in November 2004 and has been in constant use ever since.

In 2008, four Kaslo hospice volunteers took specialist training in grief support and formed a Grief and Trauma Team under the umbrella of KAH.

In July 2012 the group decided to sever the relationship with NDHS and incorporate as a new society dedicated to serving the needs of Kaslo and Area D residents. The name chosen for the new society was: the Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake (HSNKL). HSNKL incorporated in August 2012. In February 2013 an Executive Director was hired as the society’s Executive Director.

From 2013 to 2019 HSNKL has become a highly recognized and valuable service in the communities at the north end of the lake. In the later part of 2019 HSNKL hired Bev Peacock as our Executive Director. Community events: fund raising, education activities and volunteer training are well attended.

-records accurately: minutes of Board meetings & attendance, particularly motions, decisions, & corrections, & disseminates promptly
-arranges office filing of minutes, bylaws, constitution, & Board policies
-notifies the society membership of Annual General Meeting
-files as required documents as required by BC Registry Services
-In absence of President & Vice-President, chairs Board meetings
-will orient a new secretary

-keeps financial records, & regularly reports at Board meetings, filing such reports
-tracks income & expense, allocating to appropriate funding sources
-has computer skills using Excel & QuickBooks accounting
-has bookkeeping & payroll experience to process monthly
-prepares &submits annual charity summary report for Revenue Canada
-will orient a new treasurer
-prepares financial reports for funders
-chairs the finance committee
-acts as credit union signing officer, with another officer or Executive
Prepares annual budget
Assists ED with grant applications
Information for Prospective Board Directors

Thank you for considering this valuable service to hospice in our local community.

Our Mission Statement: Our purpose is to provide compassionate supportive services to assist individuals in their last stages of life. In doing so, we wish to promote dignity, quality of life, social, emotional and other types of support to clients during palliative care and the bereavement period.

Our Vision for the future of HSNKL includes making hospice care available at no charge to all who need and desire it. We would like to expand the scope of our services in the area, along with the numbers of our volunteers and their training. We want to increase community awareness of what we offer and to help inform the public about issues surrounding life-limiting illness, palliative care and grief and loss. HSNKL will continue to offer various workshops to the public, free of charge whenever possible. We aspire to act as an advocate for improved services to patients and their families and friends.

HSNKL is an independent society. We work cooperatively with the local Interior Health medical staff at the Victorian Community Health Centre of Kaslo. Our hospice services are centralized in the residential long-term unit and the palliative care room. Home visits are also available as part of our palliative assistance.

Our office space is in room #201 in the Kemball Building in downtown Kaslo. Meetings with family members can be held there, as well as grief support and training sessions.

The work of HSNKL is financially possible through support from the Interior Health Authority, grants from federal and local community organizations, as well as donations from individuals and businesses.

Our board works in conjunction with our executive director to achieve our goals. Board meetings are held once a month, are conducted by a form of Robert’s Rules of order, and are generally governed by a consensus decision making mode. We hold an Annual General Meeting every spring.
DirectorsDirectors may commit to a two or three-year term. According to HSNKL bylaws all directors retire from the board at the Annual General Meeting and then those returning to the board and new board directors are elected by the membership.

General Duties of Directors

A director keeps informed on organizational matters and participates in the board’s deliberations and decisions in matters of policy, finance, programs, personnel and advocacy. Directors participate in the development of HSNKL's organizational plan, implementation of its mission and vision statements and an annual review. They assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the board, committees, staff members and the community.

Board Directors are expected to:

§ have a good record of monthly meeting attendance and to read the minutes of meetings, reports and other materials in advance of board meetings.
§ be a good listener, contribute to meeting discussions and encourage other board members to express their opinions at board meetings.
§ follow through on commitments.
§ maintain confidentiality of board decisions and hospice client situations.
§ support board decisions once they have been made.
§ promote the work of hospice in the community whenever possible.
§ stay informed about the issues relevant to hospice and bring information to the attention of the board.
§ be familiar with the bylaws and policies of the society.
§ apply for and receive a clearance criminal record check from RCMP

Committees are a part of our governance structure. Below are the names of some of our committees. Directors consider using their interests and skills on one or more.

Finance, Grants Governance (Policy and Procedure)
Human Resources Membership, Events, Fund-Raising

Thank you for considering the needs for hospice care in our community and the possibility of serving as a board director of HSNKL. You may wish to speak to one of our current directors or our executive director, Beverly Peacock. For more information please phone HSNKL at 250-353-2299 or email:

A PRINTABLE PDF of the information below can be downloaded by clicking here.

A PRINTABLE PDF Board Application can be downloaded by clicking here.

A FILLABLE PDF Board Application can be downloaded by clicking here.
NOTE: Download this file, fill it out, save it and attach it to your email or print and drop it off or mail it to the office -Box 801, Kaslo, V0G 1M0